Portrait of Rick

About the Photographer

“Buchanan's photos have a theatrical quality that conveys wonder and awe. With their intimate viewpoints and dramatic vistas, they direct the viewer to the unexpected.”

- The Columbus Dispatch

I am a Columbus, Ohio based photographer and work out of my Studio in Downtown Columbus. I maintain a broad-based photography practice, photographing people and places, including commercial work, business portraits, headshots, editorial portraits, senior portraits, events and landscapes.

("My husband) absolutely LOVED the print – he even teared up as it brought back happy memories of living in Monterey. We hung it in our living room and it looks wonderful. Thanks for your attention to perfection with the print."

Stephanie S.

My landscape, nature and fine art photography is an inspiring way for me to balance the day-to-day work of my commercial studio. Escaping to photograph the great outdoors is inspiring and a healthy creative spark for both my fine art and my commercial work.

My photography has been displayed around Columbus and is always on a revolving display in my Studio gallery. My solo photography exhibition, Waterscapes: Transforming the Landscape at the Ross Art Museum was hailed by The Columbus Dispatch as "Well-presented and cohesive, 'Waterscapes' successfully underscores (Buchanan's) passion for grand expanses and intimate details."

I am honored that my landscape and fine art photography is part of many private collections.

My Approach

I am always looking, observing and visualizing a photograph.

I travel regularly in the United States and throughout the globe to photograph our world. I seek to photograph the grand landscapes as well as the details and textures that frequently are missed in the natural world.

"The photographs look so great here. Many thanks, I love them!!"

Peggy L.

Photographically, I interpret what I see literally or abstractly, based on how the scene presents itself to me and the visualization I develop in my mind. When I photograph a particular scene or area, I prefer to have only a baseline knowledge of the area. Just enough to get me to a point where I can begin to interpret the scene in my own way with my own creative vision. This way, I am free to visualize, create and photograph without preconception. For me, there is nothing like being in that moment of freedom and creativity.

I enjoy working alone in nature, free to see, interact and be inspired by its great beauty.

Equipment and Process

"A few words to describe my thoughts as I viewed Rick's prints: Amazing, Beautiful, and WOW."

Brent C.

My process is rooted in traditional photographic methods. I use full-frame Canon DSLR's and a variety of professional lenses and filters to make my photographs in the field. I process my images using Lightroom, Photoshop and Nik software on Apple computers. I utilize a modern, digital take on traditional photographic methods to process and fine-tune my photographs and prepare them for print.

I personally print my photographs using a large-format Epson 7880 printer with Epson UltraChrome K3 inks. I print on a variety of high-quality fine art papers from Epson and Moab.

Even in this digital age, I believe that the print is the ultimate way to view and experience a photograph. An artfully made print is tangible, tactile and permanent. It has feeling. It has and holds value. By making my own prints I have the ultimate control over the look and feel of each print and I am able to fully realize my artistic vision for each of my photographs.

I also frame my photographic prints out of my Studio.

More information about my photographic prints can be found here.

I Welcome Your Thoughts and Comments

I'm always interested to hear your thoughts, comments or questions about my photography. Feel free to with your thoughts or questions.